Covid-19 info

Your health is yours!

We take the following steps to ensure a safe and positive experience at our clinic:

Virtual Telehealth

Care Virtual appointments will be offered and encouraged when needed to reduce the number of patients in the clinic.

Changed schedules

Our clinicians will work in scheduled shifts to significantly reduce the number of staff and patients in the clinic at the same time.

Screening Procedures

Patients will be examined prior to the scheduled examination using the COVID-19 Patient Screening Question. Patients who test positive will have to reschedule their examination 14 or more days from the original date of the examination. All staff are checked daily before shifts.

Modified scheduling procedures.

Patients are required to attend the examination themselves unless they are minors or need caregiver due to disability. If a guardian is needed, they will also need to be screened before making an appointment. Patients must arrive immediately at the scheduled time because our waiting room is closed. Upon arrival, the patient will be referred to the examination and treatment room.

Hand hygiene and infection control

The hand sanitizer will be available at several locations throughout the clinic. All patients are required to wash their hands when entering the clinic. Hand hygiene will be performed by all clinicians upon entering the treatment room and before / after contact with the patient. Service areas and equipment will be cleaned with enhanced disinfectants after each patient. Bed linen will be washed after each patient.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

All personnel must wear masks. Masks will be changed daily or earlier if contaminated. Clinicians in close contact with patients will wear vinyl gloves. Gloves will be discarded after each patient. In cases when the patient cannot wear a mask (eg Bell's palsy, facial pain), the doctor will wear a protective visor. Patients are required to wear a well-placed mask at the clinic. Cotton is acceptable.


The barrier is placed at the entrance to the center. The patient's temperature is measured non-contact. Cashless or contactless payment methods are preferred when possible. Digital copies of homework programs, receipts and reports will be provided whenever possible.

NOTE: We do everything we can to protect our patients and staff.