What is massage?

Massage is a therapeutic procedure that involves the application of mechanical energy through manual techniques in the form of different types of pressure on soft tissues and muscles of the body, which leads to improved circulation and lymph flow, ie. to the normalization of these tissues. In addition, massage reduces muscle tension, improves tone, affects the nervous system in terms of stimulation or sedation, and improves tissue regeneration. Because of all this, we can say that this type of therapy has a positive effect on all systems of the human body, and that it leads to improved health and mood in general. In addition to treatment, some types of massage are applied alone or in combination with other methods for aesthetic purposes, most often when it is necessary to reduce fat deposits and / or cellulite.

Massage is more than relaxation, and continue the text to find out the 10 health benefits of massage.

Booking a spa, relax treatment, or an hour of massage for many is just a momentary respite, however, going for a massage can have a big impact on improving your overall health. Massage can have a positive effect on many health conditions, and can sometimes significantly alleviate them. Here we mean both physical pain and the consequences of stress and anxiety. Those who decide to enrich their weekly schedule with regular massages, will not only enjoy an hour or two of relaxation, but will also feel the improvements and positive effects of the massage in the days and weeks after the treatment!

So, in addition to the relaxing effects, what are the health benefits that massages can bring you?

1. Massages reduce stress and tension

Relaxing a spa day at a physiatrist and aesthetic center is a great way to relax and reduce the effects of stress. However, clients who visit us regularly have noticed that they feel relaxed for days and even weeks after treatment. Spa day in the physiatrist and aesthetic center includes hydromassage with a whirlpool bath, full body massage and pressure therapy treatment.

2. Improves circulation

During the massage, relaxation of muscles and tendons enables better blood flow through the body. Improving circulation can have a number of positive effects on the rest of the body, and these improvements include a reduced feeling of fatigue as well as alleviation of certain painful conditions.

3. Relieves pain

Those who spend most of the day in a sitting position or on the other hand have to spend the whole day on their feet, massage is a great choice for treating problem areas. The back and spine are most often affected in these cases. And most patients have pain in the lower back and as well as the problem of chronic stiffness. Our professional physiotherapists will be able to accurately locate the source of pain and help you choose the right massage that will bring the best results.

4. Eliminate toxins

Soft tissue stimulation can help get rid of toxins through your lymphatic system. If you combine the massage with a pressure therapy treatment, this effect of lymphatic drainage will be even stronger and more effective.

5. Massage improves flexibility

Massage will release your muscles from tension and relax them, thus helping your body to reach its full potential of movement.

6. It has a positive effect on the quality of sleep

Massage will encourage relaxation and improve your mood. Going to bed with relaxed muscles encourages more peaceful sleep, and in the morning you will feel rested.

7. Strengthens immunity

Stimulation of lymph nodes again "fills" the body's natural defense system and thus helps strengthen immunity.

8. Massages reduce fatigue

It is known that massage has a positive effect on mood and improves sleep quality, which makes you feel more rested and less exhausted at the end of the day. If you have never had at least one massage treatment, now is the time to do it.

9. Relieves depression and anxiety

Massage can help release more endorphins in the body, helping you to feel happy, relaxed and full of new energy.

10. Reduces swelling after surgery

Professional massage allows you to safely deal with sports injuries or rehabilitation after surgery.

How is manual massage applied?

The massage is applied in a specially prepared room, in which the air temperature is adjusted to the client, who is in an adequate and comfortable position on a special massage table. We use different types of massage oils, which can be neutral or flavored. The whole procedure usually takes 30 to 90 minutes.

When is manual massage applied?

Massage is applied:
  • before training or competition, usually one hour earlier for up to 20 minutes, after which the athlete can prepare for further activities
  • during training for up to 15 minutes to prevent delayed muscle inflammation that may occur after 24–48 hours from training
  • after training or competition in order to recover muscles as quickly as possible Our clinic offers three types of massage: relaxation massage (full body or partial), therapeutic massage, sports massage, anti-cellulite massage, manual lymphatic drainage, mass-for pregnant women and others.

Therapeutic massage

Chronic pain syndromes, most often in the shoulder girdle, cervical spine and back, can be treated using various physical agents and procedures, of which massage is one of the most important. Therapeutic massage accelerates blood circulation, improves the supply of oxygen to the tissues and leads to the elimination of harmful substances in metabolism. This contributes to the reduction of pain and tension, the feeling of stiffness, as well as the increase of joint mobility.

Sports massage

It is applicable to professional athletes or people who engage in recreational sports, before or after demanding training and competition. Encourages relaxation of certain muscle groups or complete musculature; prepares muscles by warming them up and providing better elasticity of muscle fibers before training; reduces the possibility of injury by preparing tissues for strenuous physical exertion; eliminates anxiety caused by stressful situations during competition; affects the complete psychophysical relief of the organism.

Manual lymphatic drainage

It is used in all situations when lymph flow and venous circulation need to be improved. The most important is the indication of the existence of lymphedema, as the primary process of unknown or known cause (congenital lymphedema), or when it occurred after an operation, injury, infection, metabolic disorder, etc. Lymphatic drainage is an important factor in many aesthetic treatments, especially during weight loss or anti-cellulite treatments. It is performed by applying light pressure, in order to enable and / or improve the natural flow of lymph (starting from the proximal segments), with attention to the drainage of large lymph nodes and pathways. Excellent effects are achieved when preceded by X-wave or Exilis treatments.


In our clinic, hydrotherapy is performed with the help of a modern hydromassage bathtub, whose dimensions and shape allow each client to take a comfortable, relaxed position. We use hot water, whose temperature is individually adjusted massage the whole body, or a specific part, as needed. Also, with the help of special nozzles, a whirlpool massage is applied, and thanks to small nozzles at the bottom of the tub, we can also apply massage with air bubbles (so-called pearl bath) which create a light massage effect on the skin and give a particularly pleasant and beneficial effect. Hydromassage can be applied independently, but is most effective when preceded by Xwave or Exilis treatments to reduce fat deposits and / or cellulite. It is also very beneficial when applied after EMS training with the help of a MIHA device. One treatment usually lasts about 20 minutes, and the number of treatments depends on the needs of each patient or client.

Anticellulite massage

Accelerates the breakdown of fat deposits with the activation of circulation and improves tissue drainage. It affects the appearance of the skin, which is slightly toned after the treatment. The treatment (one massage) lasts 40 minutes. For longer-lasting results, a series of 10 massages is needed continuously, sometimes daily, and sometimes with a break between treatments. Between a series of 10 treatments, a break is made, if it is not assessed on the basis of the individual condition of the client (patient) that it is necessary to do additional massages.

If you think that a massage could help you find relief in any of these areas, or if you simply need an hour just for you, you can contact us by calling 011 / 40-80-143 or 063 / 355-085 and make an appointment. . If you prefer online scheduling, you can fill out the form HERE. you can contact us by calling 011 / 40-80-143 or 063 / 355-085 and make an appointment. If you prefer online scheduling, you can fill out the form HERE. you can contact us by calling 011/40-80-143 or 063/355-085 and make an appointment. If you prefer online scheduling, you can fill out the form HERE.