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Manual therapy

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What is mulligan?

Mulligan concept is a manual therapy technique which integrates mobilization with movement, and which was invented by Brian Mulligan during the 1970s. He concluded that injuries and sprains can be a result of a small change in the joint structure position which, as such, causes reduced mobility and, often, painful joint sensitivity too. A simple and efficient solution to this includes the application of painless repositioning techniques so as to both relieve the joint of pain and restore its function.

All joints, peripheral as well as, of course, the entire spinal cord, can be treated with this therapy technique. The passive oscillatory mobilization and assisted mobilization with active movement form the main foundation of the spinal treatment concept. Moreover, these techniques allow the physical therapist to quickly estimate whether they were indicated and whether they will become an integral part of the treatment in the future.


When is it applied?

Mulligan can be applied independently or in combination with other methods of physical therapy during the treatment of states of acute but also chronic pain in patients of all age, as long as they are capable of adequate communication and cooperation. It is most often used in cases of painful syndromes of cervical and lumbar spine caused by a variety of things, but also for the treatment of different injuries (ankle joint sprain, knee dislocation, meniscus lesion and other), chronic irritations of tendons, muscles and their entheses, headaches, etc.

How is it applied?

The Mulligan manual therapy can be applied on the patient who may be standing, sitting or lying down. The therapist applies the mobilization which he then combines with either active or passive physiological movement. The application of the technique, when indicated and properly conducted, is painless and can lead to immediate improvements.