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What is Bemer?

Bemer therapy with its electromagnetic characteristics impacts the microcirculation (targeted, of a certain body part), and activates it by widening (vasodilation) and narrowing (vasoconstriction) even the smallest blood vessels. Through this process of vasomotion, an immune response is induced in the form of self-healing. The tissues restore their primary functions, renew their oxygen and nutrients supplies, while the processes of breakdown and reabsorption of of inflammation products, caused by a trauma (injury) or by tissue degeneration

Therefore, Bemer allows the body to fulfill its key functions, that is to say to recover, rest and regenerate tissues, which consequently leads to both physical and mental balance, a very important part of the recovery, especially with patients with painful conditions. Its effects are so useful that they can often be used as prophylactically (for purposes of prevention).


When is bemer therapy applied?

Bemer therapy is used in cases of:

  • Degenerative changes (chronic arthritis)
  • Post-inflammatory processes (after musculoskeletal tissue trauma, fractures, distortions)
  • Healing of the wounds or autoimmune diseases whose symptoms are visible changes on the surface of the skin (psoriasis, eczemas, acne),
  • Chronic metabolism disorders (diabetes mellitus)
  • Removals of the possibility of an infection/prevention of an infection,
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • The increase of stamina, as well as in patients which suffer from chronic tiredness, stress. Furthermore, it is used with patients with diagnosed multiple sclerosis (Sclerosis multiplex)

When is bemer therapy applied?

The procedure itself is carried out in a pleasant and relaxed position, patient-wise. Mats and special add-ons are used which can be applied to certain body part depending on whether the effect of the therapy is aimed at the musculoskeletal system or the skin.