About us

Welcome to the Center for Physiatrists and Aesthetics

Our vision is to provide our patients with reliable physical therapy programs, improve their health towards independence and help them change their lives in a more positive direction. ”Founded in 2015, Physiatrist and Aesthetics is a leading authority in the fields of physical therapy and rehabilitation in Belgrade and beyond. With a state-of-the-art physical therapy center, physical therapy equipment and highly specialized physical therapy professionals, we offer your answers to today's health problems.

Why are we different?

Unfortunately, not all physical therapy providers have the same qualifications, training and expertise. Individuals who do not specialize in the discipline of physical therapy can do more harm than good.

How we different

In our center for physical therapy in Belgrade, all our specialists in physical therapy (both doctors and physiotherapists) are highly qualified clinicians with many years of experience and solid credentials. We practice practical therapies that we have developed through continuous research studies. The various modalities of physical therapy, such as tekar, HILT, traction, etc., are only a small part of the physiotherapy that the patient receives at our physical therapy center. We emphasize practical manual therapy, Mulligan concept, trigger point therapy, myofascial physical therapy, manipulation, professional guidance and individualized trainings and physical therapy exercises that the physiotherapist provides in one-on-one sessions. Our physical therapy center is equipped with state-of-the-art physical therapy equipment, and we also perform non-invasive aesthetic treatments, trainings, hydrotherapy and massages. We have a very sophisticated computerized system that provides us with easier communication with clients, as well as an SMS reminder for appointments.

Why choose us?

The goal of the Physiatrist and Aesthetics Center is to help our entire community live a painless and active life! Our past patients are returning to Physiatry and Aesthetics because of our high standard of therapy and excellent service; we would not accept anything else from our team. Patients know that we are here to help and that they will come back whenever they have a problem with which we can help them. In fact, many of our past patients will stop by or contact us just to say hello and tell us how they are. In addition, our team strives to help each individual achieve their personal goals. Our greatest success is when a patient leaves our clinic able to do what he needs and wants. Don't wait for that pain or injury to get worse. We offer appointments for the same or next day's examination so that you can start your recovery immediately. Call 011/40-80-143 or 063/355-085 now and book your appointment.

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