Body weight reduction

Body weight reduction

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Our modern lifestyle leads to a great number of people that eat unhealthy foods and have little to no physical activity. As a result, obesity is increasingly common, especially in children. There are two distinct build types of obese people – apple-shaped (mostly men) and pear-shaped (mostly women).

Negative consequences of obesity are:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain
  • Loss of muscle tissue
  • Inability to do sports
  • Potential for body deformities
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

Because of the wide-ranging consequences of obesity, it is paramount to try to reduce body weight by correcting dietary habits and employing physical activity under expert medical supervision.

Programme for reducing bodyweight

Evaluation (assessment)

A BMI (body mass index) is calculated, which determines the degree of obesity, percent of muscle tissue, fat tissue, visceral fats, etc. This is followed by anthropometric measurements (height, weight, extremities’ size).

After consulting with a nutritionist and physiotherapist, a goal is set, along with a detailed plan and programme for reducing body weight..

The body weight reduction programme is individual and depends on the type and extent of obesity, as well as the patient’s physical aptitude. Our programme of body weight reduction consists of creating a dietary plan as well as conducting training, depending on the patient’s physical aptitude and health.

redukcija telesne težine
miha bodytec

For patients with virtually no physical activity, we conduct individual training programmes under supervision of a physiotherapist, who gradually introduces the patient to physical activities. By combining aerobic activities (bicycle riding) and exercises aimed at increasing muscle strength, the organism can gradually adapt to physical activity.

For patients with moderate physical activity we conduct functional training that involves balance balls, Pilates balls, TheraBand tapes and weights. The goal of this training is to increase the functionality of the patient, which can have a positive impact on reducing body weight.

If the patient is very active, we conduct exercises by applying state-of-the-art electric stimulation technology Miha Bodytec, which lasts twenty minutes. We recommend this approach to all persons who wish to shape their body and achieve their desired look in the shortest time span possible. Training with the use of Miha Bodytec is conducted individually and under supervision of a physiotherapist, only with patients without health issues.

We can also decrease and remove local fat deposits through machine and manual techniques. Anti-cellulite massage therapy, X-wave therapy, pressure therapy can all have the effect of removing cellulite and excess water in the body, and can tighten the skin.

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anticelulit masaza
exilis elite tretman

Exilis elite treatment can directly influence and decrease fat deposits and decrease the size of certain body parts, especially those that have proven resistant to exercise. It can also improve collagen and elastin levels, which can have a positive effect on the overall appearance of the skin.