Shock Wave

Shock Wave

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What is shock wave?

Shock wave is a dynamic sound wave which carries the acoustic energy to the aching spot and encourages tissue recovery. In the target tissue, it temporarily relieves the pain (analgesia), improves the microcirculation and muscle relaxation (myorelaxation). Furthermore, it prompts cells creating collagen and bone tissue which, along with the stimulation of neovascularization (formation of new blood vessels), accelerates the healing process and impaired tissue regeneration.

Shock wave is designed in such a way so as to avoid skin damage. Shockwave therapy is also used for resolution of calcifications in ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Shock wave therapy accelerates the regeneration processes of the impaired tissue, as well as tissues where some chronic long-term pathological processes, resistant to all recorded methods of non-invasive treatment, take place. For athletes, it is significantly important that it allows them an earlier return to the field. Shockwave therapy can also be combined with other forms of physical agents, while the efficiency of this kind of treatment has been proven in clinical research.


When is the shock wave applied?

Shock wave is used:

  • when there are calcifications in soft tissues (plantar fasciitis, shoulder muscles tendons, Achilles tendon…)
  • when there is muscle, joint, and tendon pain (tennis elbow)
  • for the frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) treatment
  • for the increased muscle tone (trigger points in the muscles)
  • for sports injuries (muscle ruptures or strains) treatment

How is the shock wave applied?

The patient is placed in a comfortable position, either lying or sitting down, depending on the place of the pathological process. It is important for the treated segment to be completely relaxed. A neutral gel is used as a contact medium. The treatment of one area can last up to ten minutes, and it is necessary to take a break between two treatments (3-10 days), depending on the issue at hand. One series is usually made up of three to six treatments.