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Miha EMS training

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What is Miha Bodytec?

Miha Bodytec is the latest generation of EMS devices made in accordance with German technology. It works on the principle of low intensity alternating current and it is highly efficient and safe for the human body. Miha Bodytec is ideal for those with demanding careers, as well as those leading a fast paced life and value their leisure time. It is used by both amateurs and professional athletes. Miha Bodytec is the official device of the German Olympic committee.

It won a prestigious Plus X Award for the most innovative brand of 2014.

Miha Bodytec works on the principle of electrostimulation of the entire musculature which allows muscle contractions difficult to achieve by weight lifting alone. Practice with Miha Bodytec for a period of twenty minutes of pure muscle training, without any straining of tendons or joints, directly results in increased burning of calories, weight loss, cellulite reduction, improvement of the organism’s state in general, pain relief, increased endurance, strength and vitality.

With Miha Bodytec in just a few weeks you can achieve results you used to need months for. Fast twenty-minute practice is a physical equivalent to a two-hour practice at the gym. Electrical impulses make up to eighty five contractions, thereby influencing the development of fast-twitch muscle fibers the most. Hence, the speed, dynamic and time of the reaction is improved.

Miha Bodytec simultaneously stimulates both the extensors and flexors which makes it a rather unique device. During the fifteen-minute exercise each muscle makes hundred and fifty more contractions than during the traditional practice of muscle strength at the gym.

When is the miha bodytec applied?

Miha Bodytec is applied in situations when we want to achieve results quickly, whether the clients want to keep or change their body shape, when it comes to people who play sports both recreationally and professionally; during the recovery after an injury, surgery, birth, etc.

Each practice is individually adjusted to the need of the trainee and made by a specially educated physical therapist. Depending on the current physical condition and the ultimate goal, Miha Bodytec device combines:

  • practice for muscle strength, endurance and explosiveness through different static and dynamic exercises
  • practice for losing weight, accelerating metabolism and circulation (anti-cellulite program)
  • program for muscle relaxation after practice (relaxation massage)

With this we achieve the following effects:

  • all largest and most important muscle groups in our bodies are activated
  • muscles are shaped and strengthened, thus improving general mobility
  • Blood flow is increased and metabolism is accelerated
  • There is a direct influence on the subcutaneous tissue (fat layers and cellulite)
  • Fat layers are reduced and exchanged for muscle mass
  • Joints are not encumbered just like in the usual methods of exercise

How is miha bodytec applied?

Plug&Play principle of Miha Bodytec allows the practice to last a total of fifteen minutes. Modular system individually stimulates all muscles from head to toe. Just two workouts a week are sufficient to achieve optimal results along with your dedication and persistence in respecting the main principles of proper diet. Workouts are done individually under the expert supervision of a qualified and trained physical therapist and are completely adapted to the special needs of each trainee. Miha Bodytec workouts ought to be carried out by those who wish to keep or improve their health and enhance their quality of life, the ultimate goal being a total physical, mental and spiritual balance.