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What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is painless, non-invasive therapy which enables body detox through the stimulation of the lymph drainage by applying adequate, moderate pressure on upper and lower body extremities. We use specially designed add-ons – trouser legs and sleeves, made up of cylinders which are intermittently filled with air, while the order, duration and pressure are controlled by a pre-programmed software, depending on the issue being treated.

The lymphatic system is one of of the particularly important constituent parts of the immune systems, and it is made of lymph nodes, thymus and spleen, interconnected with lymph vessels. The LYMPH, a colorless liquid rich in lymphocytes, cells which offer the body’s immune response, circulates through this system. The lymph system communicates with the cardiovascular system through venous blood vessels, so its well functioning is of great value to the entire circulation.

The main characteristic of PRESSOTHERAPY is the improvement of the lymphatic system by accelerating it and redirecting it when necessary, along with a direct or indirect effect on the venous blood flow. Therefore, not only is the body’s active immune response facilitated but also its undisturbed functioning as a whole.

Due to everyday stress, inadequate diets, unfavorable genetic predispositions, different kinds of infections, the functioning of the immune system is aggravated, thence the need for PRESSOTHERAPY, which next to its influence on the lymphatic system (reduction of lymphedemas caused by a number of things) and the venous system (circulation improvement), also affects body detox in general, and it can also attribute to the removal of fat layers and cellulite.


When is the pressotherapy applied?

Pressotherapy is applied in cases of:

  • swelling (lymph edemas), discomfort caused by swollen (heavy) feet,
  • prevention of varicose veins (venous stasis, venous thrombosis),
  • detoxification (reduction and elimination of excess water and toxins)
  • discomfort in patients with neuralgias and ischemias of the lower extremities,
  • muscle relaxation and regeneration,
  • stimulation of the local metabolism improvement,
  • fluid reduction in procedures of weight loss,
  • cellulite prevention and reduction,
  • liposuction treatments (before and after),
  • skin and connective tissue tightening.

How is the pressotherapy applied?

During the treatment application itself the patient is fully-dressed, in a relaxed, horizontal position, while the treatment process itself is exceptionally pleasant. One session usually lasts for thirty to sixty minutes, and can be combined with other methods of physical therapy, as well as different aesthetic treatments.