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What is ultrasound therapy?

In medicine, apart from the diagnostic purposes, the ultrasound energy is used for treatment as well. When it comes to physical medicine, the most used frequencies are 1 MHz and 3 MHz, by alternating between the continued or impulsive mode in different cycles. The ultrasound therapy is classified as a mechanic-thermal form of therapy considering the complex effect it provides. Depending on the parameters (the form and duration of the impulse, the break, the frequency and the intensity), it is possible to focus on achieving the thermal effect (the temperature rise and the increase in the reflection against obstacles such as bones and joints) or the micromassage of the treated tissue segment.

When is the ultrasound used in physical therapy?

The ultrasound in physical medicine is employed when we want to achieve:

  • Tissue hyperemisation
  • Metabolic functions and microcirculation acceleration
  • Improvement in the metabolic features of connective tissue (collagen fibers)
  • Pain relief
  • Myorelaxation
  • Acceleration of the healing process
  • Stimulation of the bone tissue healing

How is the ultrasound used in physical therapy?

The patient is placed in a comfortable, relaxed position, either sitting or lying down. Considering the fact that the ultrasound is poorly transmitted through the air, a neutral gel (or a remedy in the form of a gel) is used as a contact medium, as well as water (a subactive ultrasound which is applied when certain body parts are being treated). The treatment alone is painless and pleasant, and usually goes on for 5 minutes.