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foto: masaza
foto: masaza

What is massage?

Massage is a process which involves the use of mechanical energy through various manual techniques, special tools or water so as to apply different types of pressure on soft tissues and body muscles, which leads to improved circulation and lymphatic system i.e. the said tissue’s return to normal. In addition to that, the massage decreases muscle tension, enhances muscle tone, affects the nervous system in the sense of stimulation or sedation, and encourages tissue regeneration. Because of all this, we can say that this form of therapy has a positive impact on all systems of the human body, thus improving the patient’s overall health and mood. Besides its application for medical purposes, certain kinds of massages are applied independently or in combination with other methods for aesthetic purposes, especially when fat layers and/or cellulite need to be reduced.

We provide multiple types of massage, while for aesthetic purposes we can use manual lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy, anti-cellulite massage or hydromassage.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage enhances the dissolving of fat, while also improving the circulation and the drainage of the excess tissue fluid. It affects the physical appearance of the skin itself which looks slightly toned after the treatment. The treatment (one massage) last for forty minutes. A series of ten massages in a row is needed for long-term results, given sometimes daily and sometimes with a one-day break in between the two treatments. Anti-cellulite massage belongs to a group of massages which are given at a more intense pace using oils or products that additionally help to heat up the tissue and to increase the blood flow. The patient is advised to take a break after a series of ten treatments, unless the individual client’s state proves more massages are needed.

Masza Anticelulit

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is used in all situations when the lymph and the venous circulation ought to be improved. The indication of lymphedemas is the most important, as the primary process of unknown or known cause (congenital lymphoedema), or originated after some surgery, injury, infection, metabolic disorders, etc. The lymph drainage is a significant part of many aesthetic treatments, especially in the case of weight loss or anti-cellulite treatments. It is carried out by applying a gentle pressure, with the aim of enabling and/or enhancing the natural lymph flow (proximal segments are taken to be a starting point), while paying special attention to the drainage of large lymph nodes and pathways. Excellent effects are achieved when the manual lymphatic drainage is preceded by X-wave or Exilis treatments.


Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive therapy which enables body detox through the stimulation of the lymph drainage by applying adequate, moderate pressure on upper and lower body extremities. We use specially designed add-ons – trouser legs and sleeves, made up of cylinders which are intermittently filled with air, while the order, duration and pressure are controlled by a pre-programmed software, depending on the issue being treated. The main characteristic of PRESSOTHERAPY is the improvement of the lymphatic system by accelerating it and redirecting it when necessary, along with a direct or indirect effect on the venous blood flow. Pressotherapy is used with the aim of eliminating fat layers and cellulite, reducing fluids during weight loss procedures, tightening of the skin and the connective tissue, before and after liposuction, relieving pain of swollen (heavy) feet, preventing superficial varicose veins, muscle relaxation and regeneration, as well as overall detox.


At Physiatric & Aesthetic the hydrotherapy is carried out with the help of a hydromassage bathtub, whose dimensions and shape allow every client to be in a comfortable and relaxed position. We use hot water, whose temperature is adjusted to suit each patient individually, while the massage of the entire body or a certain body part, if necessary, is achieved by means of jets of water from nozzles and hoses. Moreover, whirling massage is given with the help of special nozzles, and thanks to the small nozzles located at the bottom of the tub, we can also offer air bubbles massages (the so-called pearl baths), that creates the effect of a gentle massage on the surface of the skin and produces a specially pleasant and mild effect. Hydromassage can be applied independently, but it is the most efficient when it is preceded by X-wave or Exilis treatments with the aim of reducing fat layers and/or cellulite. Furthermore, it is particularly beneficial when it is used after the EMS training with Miha Bodytec device. One treatment usually last for about twenty minutes, and the number of treatments depends on the needs of each individual patient.