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What is Tecar therapy?

Tecar therapy is based on the application of radio frequency waves which provoke a heat reaction in the tissue. Treating the injured area with radiant energy which is biocompatible speeds up the metabolic processes and stimulated self-healing.

Tecar therapy with its capacitive and resistive modes can help produce a deep therapeutic treatment which penetrates deep into the treated area, enhancing natural regeneration processes, and having an anti-inflammatory effect.

Positive effects are already visible after the first treatment. The pain is lessened (in 85% of cases), while the mobility is increased, the tissue regenerated and the healing accelerated.

When is Tecar applied?

TECAR can be used independently, but it is often combined with other methods of physical therapy. It is particularly helpful as a preparation for kinesitherapy i.e. exercises for conditions such as:

  • Muscle hypertonia
  • Muscle regeneration and relaxation
  • Post-traumatic disorders
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Swelling
  • Sports injuries treatments

How is Tecar applied?

Tecar therapy is given using two electrodes whose source is a radiofrequency generator. With the help of a special gel as a contact medium and while applying pressure to the skin, radio waves stimulate the patient’s body internal energy and emits a sufficient amount of heat needed to lessen the pain or inflammation and to improve the blood flow.

Tecar therapy can also be carried out with a gentle massage (recommended when there is a muscle tension), passive stretching (when the mobility of certain body part needs to be increased) or voluntary muscle activation (contributes to muscle relaxation).