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What is laserotherapy?

Low-level lasers have been used for many years in physical medicine. Laserotherapy is a laser energy application, i.e. a coherent, monochromatic, very focused beam of light. The laser is a form of stimulated radiation where all emitted photons are equal. They all have the same length and the same direction, so the resulting light is monochromatic, coherent and focused.

The basic effect of the laser used in physical medicine is photobiomodulation, which refers to the effect the laser beam energy produces during the interaction with living tissues. It results in tissue normalization and better metabolism and overall functioning.

When is the laserotherapy applied?

The Laserotherapy is known to lessen acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain, muscle spasms and neurogenic pain (by endogenous opioids), to alleviate inflammatory reactions and edema, and to reduce the level of prostaglandin and other factors of inflammation. Laserotherapy is used in cases of:

  • states of all sorts of pain
  • arthritis and arthrosis
  • sports injuries
  • lumbar and neck spine aches
  • joint injuries
  • ligaments
  • tendons and muscles
  • neuralgia
  • burns and open wound which heal slowly
  • ulcus and lacerations
  • herpes zoster


How is the laserotherapy applied?

The laser treatment is completely painless. The patient is placed in a relaxed position. The laser beam alone can be applied to the place of the pathological process at hand, but also to the sore spots, so-called trigger points, or the acupuncture points. The duration of a treatment is individually-conditioned and depends on the type of issue being treated. The laserotherapy application shows extremely good results because it very quickly leads to the pain relief and the injured tissue regeneration. Laserotherapy can be applied independently or in combination with some other method of physical therapy.