Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation

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There are many factors that affect the skin aging processes. Harmful external factors, a hectic lifestyle, ultra-violet rays, insufficient liquid intake, smoking, as well as an unhealthy diet and stress all influence the face skin and lead to rapid aging.

Because of all of these factors, the skin can lose its elasticity and texture. As time goes by, the number of collagen fibres can decrease, which leads to skin laxity, volume loss and the appearance of wrinkles.

None of these aging processes can be stopped, but they can be treated, and their pace slowed down significantly.

We employ non-invasive treatments in facial rejuvenation, which include:

  • Treatment with exilis elite machine
  • Manual facial massage
  • Exercises to lift face and neck muscle tone

Evaluation (appraisal) of the patient’s condition for facial rejuvenation

The facial rejuvenation programme involves the application of manual and machine techniques to decrease the number of wrinkles and lift the face, neck and chest skin. An examination by a chartered physiotherapist along with a medical specialist, with a full health history is the way in which we reach decisions which course of treatment to apply and with what intensity.

The programme is individual and dependent on the client’s wishes and circumstances.

Facial Rejuvenation treatment programme

Skin detoxification

Detoxification is the first step in skin rejuvenation. It is necessary to increase lymphatic flow and help the skin tissue to expel harmful particles and purify itself, while maintaining its structure.

In other words, it is necessary to enhance the skins’ metabolism – to use the useful ingredients and active particles of cosmetic products. A purified skin is a skin with better blood flow.

Exilis elite treatment

The Exilis elite treatment creates new strains of collagen fibres and reorganises them, improves skin tone, and decreases the depth of facial, neck and chest wrinkles.

exilis elite
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Manual facial massage

Manual facial massage slows the aging process, restores facial muscle tone, decreases wrinkles, improves circulation and restores skin glow and elasticity. It also has a relaxing effect and can decrease stress and headaches. This treatment also includes exercises for lifting facial muscle tone.


Mesotherapy is a skin rejuvenation and cleansing treatment that utilises small vitamin, mineral and hyaluron acid cocktails. These cocktails are injected in the hypodermis using small needles, from where nutritious particles can quickly reach the capillary system and enhance the expulsion of harmful metabolic products. Mesotherapy can refresh, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, stimulate microcirculation, increase the tone and skin elasticity, cleanse the face and decrease existing wrinkles.