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We have provided our patients with the TECAR device therapy, the latest innovation in the field of thermotherapy.

Modern non-invasive method of rehabilitation of patients with radial SHOCKWAVE waves.

The goal of HILT or high intensity laser therapy is an efficient and painless treatment of different painful conditions.

EXILIS ELITE is a device based on the latest technology which allows for facial and body skin tightening without a surgical intervention, pain, risk or recovery.

MIHA BODYTEC is a revolutionary system of exercising with top-notch results in a very short amount of time!

PHYSICAL THERAPY is a method of physical medicine and it is based on the application of different forms of energy. By using devices of the newest generation by world’s leading suppliers we achieve the best results in the shortest period of time possible.

TRACTION is a painless technique used for the treatment of disks located in the cervical and lumbar spine without a surgical procedure.

HYDROTHERAPY involves the usage of water for the purposes of patient’s rehabilitation.

We hosted a team from Pink 2 channel in our center for physical medicine and rehabilitation!